Types Of Hair Extensions

The popularity of hair extension has influenced the market to extend its product variety. There are more choices for consumer than there was ever before. This is not only to enhance their business, but also to ensure that the customer gets value for money as well. It is important be aware about the type of extensions that you can use to make sure that you are making the right buying decision. Listed below are some of the most common hair extension types.

Weave Hair The first step is to braid the natural hair into a corn row. This cannot be achieved if the person does not have sufficient hair. Once the corn row is braided, a weft hair is then sewn into it. If you have medium thick hair, this might be suitable for you. This type is ideal for those who have little hair since it immediately increases hair density and thickness. But, if the braids are done too tightly, they can hurt the scalp and turn out to be highly uncomfortable.

Clip in Hair If you are looking for a temporary solution, then clip in hair extensions Melbourne are the perfect choice. If you are rushing for party, there is no nee dot fix your hair with a complicated hair style. All you need to do is to clip in your choice of extension. One of the biggest advantages of this type is its convenience. These extensions can be removed and applied within minutes. They do not need any skill or technique since the method is pretty simple and straightforward.

Pre-Bonded Hair This refers to extensions that are pre-bonded with various adhesives. These include glue, keratin and plant based products. Before they are joined to the natural hair, they are softened with a machine. The type of wig you buy largely relies on the application technique. Unlike clip in hair extensions, pre-bonded hair wigs are a permanent solution. You can wear the wig up to six months without any issue. With the correct guidelines, they are easy to maintain as well. But on a negative not, this type of extension can only be applied and removed by a trained technician, which makes this an inconvenient and time consuming process.

Tape Hair These extensions can be applied quickly and easily without any hassle. It offers seamless results since the artificial strands of hair are attached to either sides of the natural hair. They can last up to 12 weeks. They are very easy to maintain, since they are joined to the natural hair. Unfortunately, these extensions are made from low quality natural or synthetic hair. So, they are more susceptible to wear and tear when compared with the alternatives. It is best to talk to a professional hairstylist before you make your final decision since their expertise can also help you to make a wise choice.