Modern Uses Of Corsets

A corset is an undergarment popularized during the Victorian era in order to shape the wearers body. Usually worn by women, these garments were specially designed to give the wearer an hourglass body shape. They also had a medical use, but most of the time used to train the torso into a shape which adds an aesthetic value to the dress. With time, the styles of these garments have changed and more or less don’t perform the function it used to do. A corset of the recent years do not feature heavy lacing nor boning which helped maintain that hourglass shape. The modern ones, on the other hand are not daring like the Victorian corsets that constricted the abdominal cavity of the wearer causing breathing difficulties and other ailments.Given are some uses expected from corsets during the early ages

As fashionCorsets were used by women and also men to attain a desirable body shape. The women wore a corset to have a smaller waistline, thus emphasizing on the bust and hips. Men wore a corset generally to tighten the body and make it look slimmer. During the 1820’s the men too was found attractive if attained a body shape with a slimmer waist also called a wasp-waisted figure. The only way to attain this shape was by wearing a corset. Now a days the corset is worn only by women to be more attractive to their partners. Therefore the black and red corset top has a high demand during the Valentine’s season.

Medical purposesScoliosis is a disease in which the sufferer has a three dimensional bend in the spinal column. Though cannot be fully recovered, such patients were fitted with a corset to immobilize the backbone. Such garments were worn as a bandage to internal injuries as well. Check this corset prom dresses under 200.

As an undergarmentThe original use of this vestment was as an undergarment. A modern black and red corset top, though still provides the same function the Victorian wearers had its unique use. Their corsets helped to support their heavy outer clothing and in the same time acted as a layer between skin and the outer clothing, thus acting as an undergarment for women in that era.

As an accessorySome corsets had small belts hanging down called garter belts that helped in preventing the stockings from rolling down. Thus it was considered as an accessory as well.Fashion had been in the world form the dawn of clothing in Civilization. The evolution of the corset is an example exhibiting this.