Limited To Those Who Make An Effort?

After finishing your school where would you end? In fact, you can end up in many places. It is mainstream’s belief that following studies even after quitting school is not well worth considering. In other words it is a waste of time as most of them believed. Therefore, most of the individuals enter the job market in seeking good employments. One can say it is a matter of the way people are brought up to think. However, it is certain that deeply ingrained attitudes are hard to be changed. Yet, there are personalities who can oppose this belief.

Have you ever been to a convocation ceremony? If so, you may have seen the great personalities who wear graduation gowns and distribute awards to young graduates. Have you never thought about the sense of pride that you might feel, if it were you who is receiving that award? It is a feeling that you can never leave behind.

As a spectator, the intense buzz of excitement you might feel is unlimited. Then imagine how it would be for all the graduates who are getting up on the stage, wearing the proper academic dress in a graceful manner and receiving their awards? Their beaming faces would give the exact answer for that question?

If you get disheartened as soon as you ended in doomed failure, never make it a point to blame yourself. To stand in the whole of fame, you have to stumble and fall several times. You will meet the ones who will pull your leg down when you are about to surpass them. But do not ever lose hope. Bounce back even if you hit the rock bottom. That is the true spirit of an individual who will earn his/her spurs with the belief they are going to win. That is what studying further in a university or an institution of higher education would teach you during the time you spend there.

Remember getting an opportunity to become a graduate is an event that happens once in a lifetime. So it is limited for a very few number, because majority follow the easiest way. And that is finding a job. Yet, even if you are an employee never think of yourself low. You are as capable as a person who gets graduated from a high institution or a renowned university. Because another societal belief is that only the graduates and the PhD holders are the most educated set of people in a country. But the challenge is in your hands to show how wrong the society is.

One should keep in mind that even though, you have many qualifications, your inner conscious makes you who you are and what you want to do.