How To Layer Up Fashionable This Winter?

As winter becomes brutally cold in many parts of the world, many women get into a dilemma as to how to maintain the fashion quotient and stay warm at the same time. Indeed, the heavier the woolens become, the less fashionable, we find ourselves lacking. However, there is a way out instead of donning the heavy woolens all the time. It has been proven that, if you layer up, this helps to block out the cold more effectively than simply wearing a heavy woolen jacket or sweater. With layers of garments, more air is trapped in between the clothing which acts as insulation layers of the body, preserving the body heat.

What to combine?
If you wish to wear that favorite turtleneck of yours without having to hide it under a bulky sweater, why not opt for a warm inner garment inside? Nowadays, many warmers are available in thin but warm fibers that can help you reduce the number of garments you need to add on the outside. As a result, you can add on a t shirt and an inner undergarment under the turtle neck and simply throw on a top coat on the way out. You could pair this with a tapered pant and best heels online.

Keeping your legs warm
The same concept of layering can be used for bottom wear as well. Instead of donning on a heavy winter pant which makes tour buttocks look twice the size, you can opt for leggings or transparent stockings underneath a pair of regular pants or denims. That will help you to feel warm and continue to use the same clothing as you desire. You can pair the bottom wear with ballet flats with ease.

The use of outerwear
The outerwear that you use will make a difference in the overall look of your clothing. If you are getting bored with the same coat every day, try something different if your office permits it. There are shrugging like sweaters or jackets as well as oversized sweaters which look great and give you a different look when used as outerwear instead of the usual top coats.

Try on different shoes
Keeping your feet warm will also go a long way to ensuring that you stay warm and do not need to put on excessive clothing. For that reason, you could opt for ballet flats with stockings or heavy socks with boots to keep the feet warm and to look fashionable at womans shoes Australia at the same time. Alternating with flats, boots and sneakers will ensure that you have different shoes for different wear during the winter season and to keep up the fashion quotient as well.