Foreign Styling


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I have friends that live in a different country to me. To keep up we regularly chat over text apps and have calls over Skype. One of these friends is a girl we’ll call Molly (not her real name). Molly is my go to for fashion and how to look nice. However, I’ve never been quite so aware of the differences in our respective cultures and fashions. 

One of the repeated recommendations from Molly concerns what kind of clothes to wear. Now I’ve written before about how I had my preference for cool t shirts Melbourne with references to geeky things like TV shows, movies, books and video games. While she accepts that for sometimes, Molly has been trying to push me to adopt some new clothes into my cycle and other new things.

For the last few haircuts I have had, I’ve asked Molly if she had any ideas as to the style I should have. Now, I do not like getting my hair cut. I don’t like having my hair, or head or neck for that matter, touched. So getting my haircut is an exercise in sitting very still and trying to not twitch. However, I also prefer my hair short so I have to get it cut pretty regularly, as such my scheduling has to be balanced between the comfort of short hair and the discomfort of the actual haircut. But I digress; Molly gathered several pictures of celebrities with haircuts that she felt would work on me. I picked one and that is now what I use as the basis of my hairstyle. That was one of the times that Molly and I both agreed on fashion and style.

The big thing that we often disagree on is her preference for plaid shirts. The fact that I can’t remember the last time I saw someone wearing a plaid I think says something about the popularity of them wear I live. I even asked my friends when the last time they saw someone wearing a plaid shirt and they couldn’t think of any time. When I pointed this out to Molly, her response was “Well your people are just all weird”. Not sure whether you can say that is rational but sometimes we both just ramble about things. I guess we’ll have to try and find a better style for me to adopt. Perhaps we’ll try one that actual people wear.