Expressing Your Personal Interests Through Fashion

Fashion is a good way of communicating your values, your interests, preferences and ideas to the world. People will judge your personality based on what you wear. There are so many ways you can personalise the way you dress. We tend to wear what is expected of us to wear. It helps us to feel as if we belong. What we wear on a certain day sometimes depends on the people who we are going to meet. For example, you will likely wear something conservative when you go to see your relatives. You will want to look professional in front of a client or a prospective employer. 

But how do we express our sense of style? We can identify our preferences by including clothing that is closely related to what we like. For example, a fan dedicated to K-pop will naturally wear K-pop fashion. There are very tastefully made accessories that even go with work wear depending on their style. Other examples are tote bags and phone cases. In this way, we are defining what is precious to us. Maybe you will be going out for a stroll around the city. You can simply put on a t-shirt that proclaims your love for a certain author, artist or band. It will make you feel good as well because you’re wearing something that has meaning to your life.

When you wear a band t-shirt and walk through the city you may notice that some people recognise what you’re wearing. It will create an instant recognition and communication between you and a perfect stranger who love the same thing that you do. You might even stop and make conversation. You might be asked about the trustworthy store where you bought that specific item whether it is a K-pop clothing store, an online fan site that produces the t-shirts of your favourite band etc. Sometimes they might not talk. You will simply share a knowing smile and a nod of mutual respect with another individual.

You can explore your own creativity and imagination if you’re interested in expressing your love for a certain book, movie, TV-series, music band, dancing troupe etc. You might not be allowed to wear a band t-shirt to work but you can work in some refined accessories that define your tastes in arts into your outfit. You can also adopt some style references into your personal style depending on what you admire about the fashion sense of your idols. There may be many things you can learn from them including how to mix and match outfits, how to stand out from the crowd and also how to move with confidence.