Dressing Up for A Gala Ball


Fashion and style may not be a piece of cake for every girl out there. Here are 4 trendy tips to help you dress up for a ball.

Finding the dress

If the gala has presented to you an invitation it may or may not have a theme. If there is a theme, for example, a night in New York or the 1920s, you may choose a long evening gown or a short dress with pearl accents to suit your theme. Cocktail dresses are also a good option if you don’t like a long length. However, avoid floral and more summer looking prints for night time occasions like the ball. Choosing from colours like pastels and bolds can be a tough job. Consider your skin tone, the purpose of the occasion, the time etc. when you select. If it is a charity gala event for breast cancer, you can show your support by donning a light pink evening gown.


Once the dress is picked out, accessorizing won’t be that tough. If you don’t like dressing with too much bling, go for a simple watch with statement earrings and maybe a ring on the bare hand. If your dress is pretty simple and not too dazzling, pick out a statement necklace and simple pair of studs with a charm bracelet and watch. If you don’t like imitation, you may be able to find pre owned tiffany jewellery or Cartier bracelets through an online jewellery store.

Don’t forget to pick out a clutch. Ladies don’t normally carry pre owned handbags at such events. The clutch should ideally suit the dress. Don’t carry around a bright yellow clutch for a pale pink dress.

Styling and makeup

The only thing left is to set the look with a good hairstyle and some face makeup. The key is not to overdo. If you are doing this by yourself, be sure to practice it beforehand unless you are an expert. A simple blowout or an up do is perfect for gala dresses. If you have short hair you can leave it as it is or tie an elegant low bun to show off your pre owned tiffany jewellery as well.
As for makeup, simple or bold looks work. If your dress is pretty simple with light colours, you can pull of a bold red lip with champagne shadow eyes. If you are not a fan of dark colours, simple pink lip would also do. Don’t overload your face with layers or foundation and concealer. You don’t want to see yourself looking like a badly iced cake in the pictures. 

Presenting yourself

Manners and etiquette are important at galas, so don’t forget to bring yours. Speak to everyone around you and be polite. Men will generally be charming in their coats and tuxedos and will treat you with care. Don’t be rude to the waiters who will be serving you. These gala events are where you will get noted the most. When eating, use your table manners and avoid making too much noise with the cutlery.