A Look At Bamboo Textile

Bamboo has been used for many years by many civilizations. It has been used to make paper and has also been used as a building material. While these plants can be found all around the world today, they are believed to have first come out of China. Although this plant has been used as building material in eastern civilizations for years, it is just being known in the west.
They can grow in almost any type of weather conditions except in extremely cold areas. Depending on the weather conditions prevailing in an area, different species of bamboo will thrive there. The origins of this plants, and the many ways in which it can be used has made the plant a great resource today. Today it is mostly used in textile to produce bamboo clothing Australia online

How is bamboo fiber made?

Bamboo is allowed to grow to maturity in the forest. Growing to maturity means it should be at least four years old. Most times trees in the forest will be marked with their age to help ensure that they are not harvested too young. When harvested, they are taken to the factory where they are crushed and put in a solution of hydroxide. The use of sodium hydroxide is to help dissolve the cellulose in the bamboo. Carbon disulfide is then added to the mixture to help draw out the fibers which will then be bleached into white colors and then washed. After years of use, it was discovered that carbon disulfide can poison the nerves. However, if it is used in a well ventilated area, it should not be a problem. Sodium hydroxide which is also known as caustic soda is fairly safe to use.

Is bamboo fiber beter than cotton?

Many of those who work with fabric tend to prefer bamboo fabric to cotton for varied reasons. First of all those who are proponents of environmental sustainability are happy to go with bamboo given that it is an easily renewable resource. Also bamboo has anti bacterial properties that cotton does not have. Because bamboo fiber is produced with little chemicals added to it, it is very good to the skin and will not cause irritation. Most designers are happy to use bamboo because it does not require e the use of a lot of dye as when cotton is used. Also fabric made from this material can have very bright colors. Best of all it is easy to dispose without feeling guilty about the harm it may cause to the environment. This is because it is biodegradable.

For those who will be going out to buy clothes, consider buying those made from bamboo. You will not be disappointed with your purchase.