Thinking Of Finally Starting That Business You Have Been Thinking Of For Years

While you focus on generating profit, it is also important to create an impression on the customers. Therefore, paying attention to details of the ambience of the shop, décor, social media presence and how these elements fit well with your vision is significant. With the pressure of managing a new business, it is easy to sometimes overlook these areas. We

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Irresistible Shopping Urges That Only Homemakers Understand

When you are passionate home maker, it sometimes gets extremely difficult to actually differentiate between the essentials and the rest. When you have ‘a thing’ for decor and design, fancy interiors and elegant homeware, there isn’t really anything that you wouldn’t look for, or wouldn’t want to get for your beautiful home.  It could be one of the temptations that are really hard to

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Foreign Styling

  Spread the love     I have friends that live in a different country to me. To keep up we regularly chat over text apps and have calls over Skype. One of these friends is a girl we’ll call Molly (not her real name). Molly is my go to for fashion and how to look nice. However, I’ve never

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