How To Prepare Your Body For The Summer?

After months of cold and chilly weather in winter and spring, you can finally feel the hot sun on your body when summer comes. In this article, we will be looking at a few ways to make your body perfect for the summer.

Engage in physical activity

Keep up your exercise routine in the colder months as well. It will strengthen blood circulation to the body and increase metabolism. This will keep you warmer in the cold climate and also help prepare body for the summer. It is time to pack up your winter wear, fleece blankets and alpaca coats and open up your wardrobe of light and stylish clothing. Keep to a regular fitness routine so that you can effortlessly slip back into your summer wear. Do some toning exercises for a fitter looking body such as squats for thighs, push ups, leg raises, sit ups etc.

Protection against UV radiation

You can use hats, umbrellas, sun lotion to protect the skin exposed to the sun. But you can also include certain food that will give you an extra boost against radiation. According to research, it has been found out that tomatoes are an excellent method to combat harmful effects of the sun. You can try variants of it such as tomato sauce, soup and grilled tomatoes.

It is better to employ ways to keep your house cooler as well. Remove additional insulation such as heavy curtains and wool and alpaca products within the house including rugs, carpets that can keep your floors cosy in winter. Pack them away and open up the house to facilitate passive ventilation. Shade all surfaces of your house; walls, roof, porch etc. You can do this by growing vegetation close to the house. Evaporative cooling is another option.

Regular exfoliation

Regular exfoliation can enable you to have smooth glowing skin. You can use several methods such as brushes, scrubs and polishing clothes. If you’re looking for a scrub, select a scrub that includes natural ingredients that dissolve over time like sugar. Exfoliating should be done with care because sometimes if you’re too sensitive the skin can become inflamed. There are chemical products that will help with this action as well.

Pamper your feet

You have to move away from wearing boots and thick shoes and prepare for summer weather. You will be mostly using sandals, flip flops and open toed footwear. You can soften your feet while you’re sleeping by applying a cream, covering your feet in cotton socks or plastic wrap, and leaving overnight. You can also use a foot scrub.

Remove cellulite

You can’t get rid of cellulite forever but you can enjoy smooth polished skin for special moments like enjoying a beach day or special occasion. There are special products that will make your skin look and feel tighter. Another way is self-tanning.

Clear up body breakouts

You can get acne on your back and chest as well. To minimise the effects try regular exfoliation. It is not advised to pick at it as that may make the condition worse. There are products that will combat acne. If you’re using a product, try a product that will include Salicylic acid as it will help in removing dead skin layers.

Important Things In Women Clothing

For a woman the clothes what she wears can give confidence to face the entire society. Our earlier generation women didn’t get opportunities to show their talent, express their view and they didn’t treat fairly because of the gender bias. But now we are living in a society which is fighting for women empowerment. Therefore a woman has to have a guts to face the challenges in our society, and they should not let any others to talk behind them. Therefore wearing a decent clothes shows their standards and attitude.It doesn’t mean that they have to wear high class expensive clothes to show their standard, it means they have to wear the clothes which is suitable for the place. 

Tips to select their outfits

The important thing is, when we select our clothes which are suitable for the weather, such as, if it’s cold then we have to choose thick and fully covered clothing and if it’s sunny then we have to pick sun protection clothing. By doing this we can balance the body heat and we can maintain our skin also. The reason for this is, women’s clothing is like a weapon which can protect them.Another thing is they have to select the clothes which is suitable for their body size. There are some clothes which isn’t suitable for fat people and thin people can wear most of all clothes because their bodies are flexible and easy to fit on.Also they have to be aware of the colors of the clothes which is suitable for their skin color. If we fat or if we have dark skin it’s not an ugly or disability, but when we are wearing something we should make sure that the dress is comfortable and suitable for our body.

Also we have to dress according to the occasion, if we are going to office then formal clothes, for temple traditional dress, for shopping casual clothing, for celebrations party wear and if it’s for beach then beach clothing. If we dress according to the place it makes us happy and also it makes others to respect us, because our clothes have that power.

Therefore, by selecting a proper clothing we can make our self-comfort, it gives happiness, it helps to maintain our standard, it gives confidence and because of all we all can get happiness. Also it says that we shouldn’t be dress up for sake of dressing, we have to face the world in confidently which can make sure by our clothing.